There’s a LOT more to Bishop Julius than study!

A well rounded life at Bish

At Bish we provide a structured environment for you to obtain the best academic results, and give you the opportunity for social, sporting and cultural activities.

It gives you an environment that will encourage you to achieve your best during your first years at university, and establish you in friendships that may well last a lifetime. We have students from all faculties at UC giving us great cross section of students.

We are a diverse community of people from around New Zealand as well as other countries. We have a high ratio of Welfare staff to students and pastoral care is a high priority for those who need assistance and guidance at some stage. You will get to know the welfare staff and they are there to help.

The hall is a vibrant cultural, social, and sporting community which complements academic life and gives you a wonderful experience of living as an individual among a caring group of people. We have an annual ball, term dinners including mid winters and valedictory dinners, and themed parties. We take part in the inter hall sporting and cultural events organised annually by the university and the halls. If you are musical, sporty or like drama then this is the place for you.


  • A large study centre provides the focus for academic life: study, tutorials and recreation.
  • There is a music room and computer room with computers linked to the University. The Christchurch Press is available each day to members.
  • A brand new Common Room has been built with Sky Television and other entertainment available. Students also have access to a large screen TV with a Video and DVD player in the study centre.
  • In the evenings the front foyer of the Hall becomes a homely common area with Freeview TV and a DVD player as well.