Fees for 2021

THE TOTAL FEE FOR 2021 IS $18,403

The accommodation fee you will pay, for your stay, for up to 39 weeks, will be $18,403. You will also be asked to pay an initial fee of $900 upon acceptance of a place at Bishop Julius Hall comprising of an Admin Fee, Contingency Fee and Residential Life Fee. The fees are as follows;

Admin Fee


Contingency Fee


Residential Life Fee
(This is refundable upon withdrawal before 12 noon, 20th January 2021).


Accommodation Fees



Paid upon acceptance of place. It includes:

  • Admin fee of $350
  • Contingency fee of $250
  • Residential Life fee of $300


PAYMENT 2 | Accommodation
Due 25th January 2021


PAYMENT 3 | Accommodation
Due 12 April 2021


PAYMENT 4 | Accommodation
Due 13 September 2021



Our commitment and contract is for a 39 week academic year and/or 24 hours after the last university commitment.
Students may request to stay during vacation time at no extra cost as it is included in the 39 week academic year.
The kitchen and dining room are fully operational for the 39 weeks, including vacation time, for three meals per day.


Fees include the following services or use of:

  • The laundry
  • Drying room
  • Student computer room
  • Sky TV
  • Locked bike shed
  • Fresh weekly linen
  • All rooms vacuumed weekly
  • Extra tutoring arranged by the Hall (for some courses)
  • Music room – sound proofed
  • Wi-Fi in all rooms and study centre


Limited car parks are available for $160 for an academic year, payable if a park is available and allocated to the student.


International students pay their full year’s accommodation fees in advance.


All amounts are in New Zealand dollars and are payable by direct credit upon acceptance of our offer. Invoices will be sent to you for the initial payment and all other payments. Our ANZ bank account number for all payments is: