Welfare staff for 2017

Liam Cordelle (Senior Residential Assistant)

From Queenstown
Studying Computer Science and Physics
Secondary School: Wakatipu High School

Hey, I'm Liam. I'm a third year here at the University of Canterbury studying a BSc in Computer Science and Physics. Originally from Queenstown, I love skiing, mountain biking, jumping off bridges; pretty much anything adventurous. I also have a passion for Astronomy, and fuel this passion with astrophotography and community outreach. My time at Bishop Julius Hall has been filled with great experiences, and I've grown so much as a person during my time here. I love all aspects of the hall life here, and continue to love it every day.

Ryely Burtenshaw-Day (Senior tutor)

From: Dunedin
Studying Mechatronic Engineering
High School: Columba College

Hey there, I’m Ryely! I came to the University of Canterbury so I could study Engineering as I have an interest in almost anything containing Robotics, Maths, or Physics. In my small amounts of free time I enjoy playing guitar, painting, reading; basically anything creative. In terms of sports I am generally my most athletic in Winter, playing Badminton and Skiing. I came to Bishop Julius Hall for the homely and welcoming environment, and came back in the hope that I could help keep the environment just as welcoming for incoming and prospective students, as it made my first year of University incredibly enjoyable!

George Drummond

From Wakefield
Studying BSC (Mathematics and Computer Science)
Secondary School: Nelson College

Hi I’m George. My hobbies include playing the guitar (badly), making terrible jokes and indulging in all things nerdy. My favourite aspect to life at BJH, and one that continually impresses me, would have to be the hall’s dual commitment to academic success and to the wellbeing of its students. Here, there is an unparalleled supportive environment that really makes sure everyone has the best university experience (and the best grades!) possible at the end of the day. To this end, I cannot recommend the hall enough as the best place to begin tertiary study at UC and hope to see you around!

Emily Langbridge

From Johannesburg, South Africa
Studying B Com in Economics
Secondary School: Kingsmead College

Hey, I’m Emily. I came over all the way from Jo’burg to study towards a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Economics. A good hit of tennis, some one-on-one time with my music and learning different languages are some things I enjoy, along with a spontaneous dance party now and then, and catching up with friends. Living in the hall immensely helped my transition of moving to a place where I knew no-one – I was very quick to call it home! Bishop Julius Hall: come for the friends, stay for the hot chocolate machine and lots more especially the fun times!

Terilee Wickens

From Hutt Valley
Studying Natural Resource Engineering
Secondary School: St Matthew’s Collegiate, Masterton

Hi I’m Terilee. I was born and raised in the Hutt, and moved over the hill to Masterton for secondary school education at St Matthew’s Collegiate. My overly-ambitious life goal of  saving the planet prompted my desire to study Natural Resource Engineering at UC and I  completed my first professional year in 2016. You’ll find me either at the front of the dessert  line, silently painting, or doing some form of my obsession: sport. Anything from netball,  badminton, and volleyball, to Frisbee and croquet, I’ll be there. Bishop Julius has helped me  fulfil this obsession with the numerous social teams on offer. The homely atmosphere made  it a breeze to form lifelong friendships and provided the ideal study environment.

David Bredda

From Napier
Studying Mechatronics Engineering
Secondary School: Taradale High School


Hi, I’m David and I am currently in my second year of Engineering, specialising in Mechatronics. My passion for maths and science (but mostly maths) at high school lead me to the choice of an Engineering degree at UC. I moved down from Napier knowing nobody from my school coming to the same hall, however I quickly met a lot of people and made some lifelong friends. In my spare time I enjoy playing both pool and squash. In my first year at Bishop Julius Hall I think it’s safe to say I spent a lot of time at the pool table, which was a great social area to hang out and get to know people. The hall life is a truly amazing experience and your time at Bishop Julius Hall will certainly be something to remember.

Nicholas Krause

From Houston, Texas
Studying: Mechatronics Engineering
Secondary School: Otago Boy’s High School


Hey, guys, I’m Nick. I was born in the States and lived there for 8 years, but have been living in Dunners ever since. I thoroughly enjoy badminton, tennis, and nice weather. I am studying to become an Engineer. I enjoy learning more about the world and how everything works, engineering is one of the ways I have found to do this. For me, the Hall has been a fantastic time. If you have ever been out camping with your friends, imagine that but all year round. I love watching movies and TV series (Game of Thrones especially). The hall offers itself as a home to any and all types of people, encouraging academic success and social well-being but most of all, fun.

Brooklyn Johnston

From Oamaru
Studying Speech and Language Pathology
Secondary School: St Kevin’s College


Hey guys, I’m Brooklyn! I’m in my second year of studying Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Canterbury, which is one of the best and most rewarding degrees! I have a great passion for music, theatre and literature, and a love of the theoretical side of human communication and a drive to help those with communication disorders has led me to my degree. I also enjoy playing tennis (when the weather’s good for it). Moving to Christchurch last year from the smallish town of Oamaru is one of the scariest things I’ve done, especially since I knew no one at the hall and had only a handful of friends moving up to Christchurch with me, but being at Bish has enabled me to create long-lasting friendships with the greatest of people, as there is a strong friendly community atmosphere at the hall which I really like.

Nikki Wheeler

From Alexandra
Studying Primary Teaching
Secondary School: Dunstan High School

Hi! Im Nikki, this is my second year at UC studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (Primary). I have always loved working with children and helping them to achieve their potential which has led me to this degree. I come from the small Central Otago town of Alexandra. My family moved there from Christchurch when I was 7 so returning here to study just seemed the natural choice for me. Bishop Julius Hall has been a great home away from home for me and I have made some lifelong friends, hence why I have returned this year as an RA. I have a passion for French and speaking the language has allowed me to travel far and wide, so you could say I have gained an adoration for travelling too. I thoroughly enjoy playing social netball and I’m known to always be keen to spin a yarn. When I am not around you will usually find me at Maccas or in my room watching Titanic.

Ivan Prigarin

From Moscow
Studying Computer Science and Mathematics
Secondary School: Rangiora High School



Hello. Hi there. I'm Ivan, and I migrated here from the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere. Here at University of Canterbury I'm studying towards a BSc in Computer Science spiced up with Mathematics. Among other things, I have passionate interest in all things tech, nerdy, and film, but I'm always looking out for something new as well. For me, Bishop Julius Hall has been an amazing mixture of a caring family atmosphere, cozy study environment, and great opportunities for personal growth. In essence, staying at Bish is a great starting point for your university life, and your time here ought to become a memory to cherish. I highly recommend it to prospective students, and I hope to see you there!

Cameron Shellard

From Upper Hutt
Studying Mechatronics Engineering
Secondary School: Hutt International Boy's School


Howdy, I’m Cameron. I was born in the United Kingdom but raised in Wellington and currently live next to Upper Hutt in Mangaroa valley.  I am starting my first professional year in Mechatronics engineering at the University of Canterbury. I thoroughly enjoy climbing, squash and the odd computer game. My enthusiasm and lack of volume control is next to to none!!!!! My time at Bishop Julius has allowed me to relax while being able to keep up with my studies. It has allowed many wonderful friendships to flourish, I definitely recommend this hall as the place to begin the next chapter of your lives.