Welfare staff for 2018

David Bredda (Senior Residential Assistant)

From Napier
Studying Mechatronics Engineerings
Secondary School: Taradale High School

Hey. I’m in my third year here at the University of Canterbury, studying Mechatronics Engineering. My passion for science and maths (and problem solving in general) at high school lead me to the choice of an engineering degree at UC. I moved down from Napier knowing nobody from my school coming to the same hall, however I quickly met a lot of people and made some lifelong friends. In my first year at Bishop Julius Hall I think it’s safe to say I spent a lot of time at the pool table, which was a great area to hang out and get to know people. The hall life is a truly amazing experience and I hope you will enjoy as much as I do!

Alicia Ang (Senior Tutor)

From Wellington
Studying Speech and Language Pathology
High School: Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Hey. I was born in Wellington but raised in both Singapore and NZ. I’m currently in my final year of a Speech and Language Pathology (Hons) degree and will be starting a PhD in 2018! In my free time, you can find me in the music room on the piano or biking off to an adventure around the city. The Bishop Julius community has played an enormous role during the first three years of my uni experience with the last two spent as a RA. It is THE best place to make lifelong friends and be assured of the fantastic team of RAs to look out for you. Come and take a look for yourselves to see what we at Bishop Julius are all about!

Brooklyn Johnston

From Oamaru
Studying Speech and Language Pathology (Hons)
Secondary School: St Kevin’s College

Hey guys. I’m in my third year of studying Speech and Language Pathology at the University of Canterbury, which is one of the best and most rewarding degrees! I have a great passion for music, theatre and literature, and my interests in human communication and a drive to help those who have difficulties speaking and communicating with others has led me to my degree. I would love to work with children, to improve their abilities so they can interact with their peers without being limited by a communication impairment, as we all need someone to talk to. I enjoy playing basketball and tennis (when the weather’s good for it). Moving to Christchurch last year from the smallish town of Oamaru is one of the scariest things I’ve done, especially since I knew no one at the hall and had only a handful of friends moving up to Christchurch with me, but being at Bish has enabled me to create long-lasting friendships with the greatest of people, as there is a strong friendly community atmosphere at the hall which I really like.

Ford Wagner

From Napier
Studying Physics and Mathematics
Secondary School: Taradale High School

Hey. This will be my third year at UC studying towards a BSc in Physics and Mathematics. I’ve always been passionate about science and maths and how they can explain so much about our world. This made my degree choice very easy and, aside from some brutal assignments, I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’m enthusiastic about all kinds of sport, from the ones I compete in like hockey and adventure racing, to the ones that I just watch, like basketball. This year I hope to make the Bishop Julius environment as welcoming and supportive as possible.

Thomas Morrison

From Auckland
Studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Secondary School: Long Bay College

Hi. My interest is in all things electrical, electronic, maths, and software. That means you’ll find me getting too close to high voltage, attempting to make sentient robots, constantly breaking my computer, or designing circuit boards that will probably explode. First year is a time to find your footing at university, form life long friendships, and discover a bit about yourself. Bishop Julius is one of the more laid back halls. We support you to find a balance between study and relaxation. Although good grades are important, people are more important. This year will be my third year here at Bish, although my first as a Residential Assistant. If anything, my comical ineptitude in simple tasks (making toast, doing washing, or pretty much anything requiring coordination) should provide entertainment for all. I hope to see you round.

Sam Archie

From Blenheim
Studying Civil Engineering
Secondary School: Marlborough Boys’ College

Hi. This is my second year at the University of Canterbury studying Engineering. I have always had a great passion for engineering as I love maths, physics and design and want to continue down that pathway! I love tramping, road trips, fishing and any adventure outdoors really. The homely feel of Bishop Julius has made it easy for me to make friends and settle into university comfortably. I could not recommend Bishop Julius more, due to the help you can receive, the wonderful social environment and the amount of fun you have!

Isla McKenzie

From Christchurch
Studying BA in English and Linguistics
Secondary School: Cashmere High School

Hi, all! I’m renowned for puns and terrible dad jokes, for which I apologize in advance. I have a love for many sports, baking, music, banter, languages, and literature. I came to UC to find something to work towards that I would enjoy. BJH is a comfortable home away from home. Here the environment is relaxed, in a way that it relieves a lot of the stresses and pressures that come with studying. Coming to BJH for my first year was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. For future BJH students, I hope I can help keep it a happy and welcoming place.

Jacob Crosswell

From Blenheim
Studying Bachelor of Science (Geography)
Secondary School: Marlborough Boys' College

Hey. I’m currently in my second year studying towards a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Geography. Coming from the sunshine capital of New Zealand (Blenheim), I love the warm weather and I’m always up for an adventure. Throughout college I played both club and rep hockey, however I’ve now found myself playing countless games of ultimate Frisbee. I’m passionate about photography, although I’m very much a beginner, I give it a go. Moving from home to University can seem daunting at first but there’s no place I’d rather be than Bishop Julius. The hall provides a great environment to form long-lasting friendships and have experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

Liam Clark

From Blenheim
Studying Economics and Statistics
Secondary School: Marlborough Boy’s College

Hey. I’m now into my second year of university studies majoring in economics and statistics. I was born down south in Invercargill and lived in Gore but moved up to sunny Blenheim when I was four. Being from a small place like Blenheim meant I was able to do lots of sports growing up and that has only just continued through the years. Swimming is my big passion but I also like Frisbee, water polo, tennis and anything on offer really. Bishop Julius is a great environment for your university life. Being able to meet new people and being a good place for academic success is what makes it so ideal all people.

Sam Middleton

From Wellington
Studying Mechatronics Engineering
Secondary School: Onslow College

Hello. I was born in the USA and grew up in the Falkland Islands before moving to Wellington when I was 6. I am in my second year of University, studying for a BE in Mechatronics. I'm interested in space exploration and private spaceflight and I enjoy outdoorsy stuff, especially orienteering. I also like reading and playing tabletop games. Being at Bishop Julius last year was an awesome experience for me, and I hope to help make it one for you this year too.

Steph McNeill

From Christchurch
Studying Social Work and Te Reo
Secondary School: Burnside High School

Hi. I'm in my second year at university but this is my first year at Bishop Julius Hall. Last year I worked as a youth mentor at a high school alongside my studies; I have a passion for working with youth and I love getting to know people from all different backgrounds. I love adventures and road trips, and I hate sand and I can’t swim but the beach is still my favourite place to go.