Apply to stay at the hall

Thank you for wanting to apply for a room with us at the Hall.

For 2019-2020 summer school or vacation accommodation please contact us at or 03 364 2747. The cost is $340 per week and includes free laundry access, communal Sky TV, 3 meals per day and free linen weekly.

For the 2020 academic year you can apply via the university’s online booking page.

About half way down that page you’ll be asked to nominate the hall where you want to stay. Select “Bishop Julius Hall” as your First Choice of accommodation.

Scholarships are available

A scholarship may help with your fees, and we have a range of scholarships you may apply for.

How selection works

Selection of members does not rest on privilege but on a proven application to work and a commitment to helping others. It is important that you complete you application form with care as you are competing with other students for a place in your chosen Hall.

The Principal, who considers whether an applicant will contribute to and benefit from Bishop Julius Hall, selects the members of the Hall. Remember to make “Bishop Julius Hall” your first choice of accommodation on that form.